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Dog Walking Jobs for Teenagers

Are you a high school student/graduate or college freshman looking for a part-time job? Do you love animals? If so, dog walking may be for you!

Dog walking can make your perfect part-time job, as it tends to be close to home, the pay is usually more than fast food restaurants, and it’s fun! Of course, it can be tough, because you have to be able to work outside rain or shine, and clean up after dogs. But it is a rewarding job, and it will help you develop many skills you will find useful in the future. So how do you become a dog walker?Dog Walking Jobs for Teenagers Continue Reading

Dog walker salary? How much can dog walking jobs earn you?

You are passionate about dogs, you enjoy working outside, and you are ready to become a dog walker. But wait, if this job doesn’t give you enough to meet your financial needs, your love for dogs may not be enough to keep you going. And if this job does provide you what you need, then this will be your dream job! So how much is dog walker salary?

Dog Walker Salary

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How to Become a Dog Walker: Top 15 Qualification Requirements for Dog Walking Jobs 2013

Wondering how to become a dog walker? The great thing about dog walking jobs is that they usually don’t require post-secondary education or letters after your name. But that doesn’t mean anybody can get the job. So what are dog walking companies looking for in dog walkers these days?

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What is Dog Walker Job Description?

Isn’t it quite self-explanatory? You just walk your client’s dog, and pick up its poop, right?

Dog Walker Job Description

Well, yes and no. That’s actually only 20% of the job of a dog walker. Continue Reading