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How to Start a Dog Walking Business – the Ultimate Guide! Part 7

The last article covered 14 marketing ideas for dog walking businesses. While you wait for your business cards to arrive, why don’t you create documents you will need for your business.


Step 7: Create business forms and boost your professionalism


Dog Walking Business Forms

You may be thinking, do I really need to create dog walking business forms for my dog walking service? If you are just walking your family dog for free, you may not need any document. But once you start charging people for your service, having proper forms do 2 important things: Continue Reading

How to Start a Dog Walking Business – the Ultimate Guide! Part 6

In my last article, I talked about the boring yet important topic, getting insurance for your dog walking business. This article will cover the fun stuff – marketing.

Step 6: Create dog walking marketing materials – for free or with a small fee

Marketing Ideas for Dog Walking Business

What is Marketing?

Some of you may wonder what marketing entails. Since there are tons of marketing agencies in town, it seems like marketing requires very specialized knowledge and talent. Well, if you are serving a multi-billion dollar company, then yes, it would require you to be a super marketer. But for a dog walking business start-up, you really don’t have to be. Continue Reading

How to Start a Dog Walking Business – the Ultimate Guide! Part 5

Have you picked your business name and registered your business? Have you decided when you are going to officially “open” your business? These were topics covered in my last article. Today’s article is going to be about minimizing your worries about legal stuff.

Step 5: Get insured and licensed for peace of mind (and more)

Dog Walker Insurance

Why should I pay for insurance?

Before I say anything, I want you to know that I’m not selling any insurance to you here. Or I’m not even associated with any of them. Yet having dog walker insurance coverage can save you time and money or even your business if something happens to your business in the future. Continue Reading

How to Start a Dog Walking Business – the Ultimate Guide! Part 4

My last article was about how to decide services and pricing for your new dog walking business. Determining these factors will help you go through your next step.

Step 4: Pick your business name, register your business and decide your launch date

Business NamesHow do I Pick My Dog Walking Business Name?

Some people know exactly what their businesses names are going to be right when they come up with the business idea. But most of us don’t. For some, this can take a long time to decide. So how can you approach it if you have no clue? Continue Reading

How to Start a Dog Walking Business – the Ultimate Guide! Part 3

In my last article, I talked about different types of experience and skills can better prepare you for starting your own dog walking business. In this article, you can combine the first 2 steps to make some decisions.

Step 3: Find your niche and decide on your services and price

Decide what services to offer


What is a niche? states niche is “a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing. a distinct segment of a market.” Yes, finding your niche is like finding the right place in the market, but building a business around the niche takes a bit more than that. Find your niche Continue Reading

How to Start a Dog Walking Business – the Ultimate Guide! Part 2

In my last article, I talked about the importance of market research and how to approach it. This article will cover the next step that will help you start a dog walking business successfully.


Step 2: Get experience and/or training to boost your confidence

I mentioned in the Top 15 Qualification Requirements for Dog Walking Jobs 2013 article that you don’t need a post-secondary degree, and in our study, only a small percentage of job posts actually required formal training in the field. Well, this is just for getting a dog walking job. For dog walking business owners, what does experience and training do? They give you confidence. Continue Reading

How to Start a Dog Walking Business – the Ultimate Guide! Part 1

Do you want to start your own dog walking business but not sure how? You’ve arrived in the right place. I am going to write a series of articles covering various topics on how to start a dog walking business. When I was starting my own business, I was looking for a step-by-step guide that gives me a clear overview and details on how to get started. Unfortunately, I had to go through pages and pages of websites to get a good idea. And having the knowledge of what goes into starting a business goes a long way.

So I decided to create an ultimate guide for people like you, who want to start dog walking dogs and making money soon. In the next few weeks, I will write an article for each of the following topics: Continue Reading

What is Dog Running?

Over last few years, we’ve heard more and more about “dog running” services. In fact, Google Trends shows that the number of searches for the word “dog running” has been increasing gradually since 2004. Is this a trend that you should be aware of as a dog walking business owner? Continue Reading

What is Dog Walker Job Description?

Isn’t it quite self-explanatory? You just walk your client’s dog, and pick up its poop, right?

Dog Walker Job Description

Well, yes and no. That’s actually only 20% of the job of a dog walker. Continue Reading